Pathogens are the largest ongoing major health issue today.  

Bio-Safe can help contain their spread.

Safe. Green. Natural.

Ultra safe for all types of sensitive skin.
We're a company founded by people who care. Living in a world with a pandemic, we want our families to be safe, where ever we go. Our active ingredient is recommended by the NIH for use against COVID-19 as well as other viral and bacterial pathogens. It's so safe, the active ingredient is used in eye drops and hospital applications.
100% organic
We designed our sanitization systems with the environment in mind. We never compromise on our commitment to a better world. That's why our products are 100% organic, never harmful.The active ingredient in our Anolyte S solution is made by the white blood cells in the human body, yet is over 100X more powerful than common disinfectants. 
Destroys Virus Membrane
Unlike traditional antibiotics, our Anolyte S solution is not susceptible to development of microbial resistance. It works by oxidative disruption of the outer virus membrane, and it inactivates a wide range of pathogens harmful to the human body.

Our Sanitization Products

Automated Sanitization Equipment for Every Need

Safety Screen

Viruses and other pathogens are known to ride with us on our skin, clothes, and hair. When people enter your facility, you don't want pathogens to come in with them.

Our personnel spray booths are a great way

to sanitize employees and customers.  Our

solution is child safe and is recomended by the NIH to fight COVID-19. Safe and gentle

yet 100 times more effective than bleach. 

We can place our Safety Screen sanitization booths at your main entrances, where they will automatically release a mist of our gentle solution when someone passes through. This quickly and effectively provides you and your customers piece of mind, without being intrusive.

Basket Cleanse

Is there any reason to still be wiping down every shopping cart your customers use by hand? The amount of manhours spent to hand wipe metal handles is a huge waste.


Customers sometimes collect outside the store entrance, waiting in line for access to cleaning supplies, or just waiting for the overworked employee to manually wipe everything down for each cart.

The Basket Cleanse provides an easy, efficient solution. Placed at the entrance for lot attendants to return carts to the entrance, it senses the carts moving through and sprays a uniform coat of our solution that dries quickly and leaves no residue, and kills pathogens on the cart.

Golf Cart Cleanse

Sanitizing golf carts in today's age is more important than ever. Hours are spent every day to clean these and ready them for the next guest.

One important piece for the golf course or club of today is preventing the spread of pathogens. The Golf Cart Cleanse is designed to tackle this problem with an outdoor spray system that automatically sanitizes carts as they roll through.

The system uses our all natural solution that kills microorganisms and is 100% safe for leather, metal, and plastic (as well as skin and people). This lets you turn carts around quickly and efficiently, and get back to the business of running a great course.



We started in 2001 in software development and gradually migrated to oil and gas technology.  By 2008 we had assembled a group of engineers and professionals from other industries and were venturing into full fledged manufacturing of complex hydraulic machinery. As we entered the COVID pandemic, we observed grocery store employees wiping down every single cart by hand just to keep things clean. We started investigating the chemicals that were being used, and were deeply concerned by the chemical burns some children had received because of the harsh chemicals.


A cleaner, greener and safer world. 


We provide state of the art spraying and misting systems, specially designed to handle industrial environments and work with our Anolyte S solution.  



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